Storming the Gates of Hell

Jesus told His disciples that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church. Commonly misunderstood, this pictures the church on the move rather than hell. God uses His people to rescue sinners from the dominion of darkness. This series of sermons, largely based on Luke's records in Acts, details both the fallout and the fruit of the Church being the Church.

Drunken Disciples
06-21-2015 Steven Svendsen

An Exclusive Message
06-28-2015 Steven Svendsen

The Spirit-filled Church
07-05-2015 Steven Svendsen

The Heart of Martyrs 
07-12-2015 Steven Svendsen

A United Church
07-19-2015 Steven Svendsen

The Courageous Church
08-02-2015 Steven Svendsen

The Sending Church
08-09-2015 Steven Svendsen

The Confident Church
08-16-2015 Steven Svendsen

The Thoughtful Church
08-23-2015 Steven Svendsen

The Thinking Church
08-30-2015 Steven Svendsen

The Engaging Church
09-06-2015 Steven Svendsen

The Powerful Church
09-13-2015 Steven Svendsen

The Controversial Church
09-27-2015 Mike Borstad

The Church with a Story
10-04-2015 Mike Borstad

The Church with Unusual Gifts
10-11-2015 Steve Svendsen

The Influential Church
10-18-2015 Steve Svendsen

The Church With a Plan
10-25-2015 Steve Svendsen